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Brought to you by Castle Comfort Centre, the only mobility chairs supplier with 3 separate shops in the whole Stoke on Trent area to give you the best local choice near to you.



Meet Brian Purcell, from Goldenhill, Stoke on Trent, who bought a special chair from us thirteen years ago!

Goldenhill Chair Supplier

Listen and see HERE, why Brian came back to us this year.

Why look for a riser recliner chair?

You might be looking for a mobility recliner for yourself or because a relative of yours is finding it difficult to stand up from a seated position.  It can be hard work lifting an older person off a low seat, so having the handy option of some assistance can make the caring task a little easier (and also a lot safer for the both of you too.)

As we get older in life there are a number of more common conditions like arthritis, rheumatism or other joint problems, that can make day-to-day activities a bit more difficult or even painful.  Getting up and down to a lounge or bedroom chair can be made a lot easier when you decide to invest in a riser recliner, which will do the work for you with the flick of a button.

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Which chair is best for me?

If you have already decided that a single motor or dual motor electric recliner is what you or a family member now needs, in order to help them to stand up more comfortably, then your second step is to try out a few models. This will give you an idea of how easily they work, using a simple hand held remote, and how comfortable they can make you feel.

Why not contact us today to enquire about visiting one of our chair showrooms or to ask us anything mobility related.  We can even arrange courtesy transport to bring you to the mobility store of your choice.

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