About Us

All chairs are not the same, and all suppliers are not the same either.


Other customers have found the following valuable – all of which other stockists cannot match.


You will be very satisfied when you decide to buy your furniture from Castle Comfort – the local recliner specialist since 1997.

the best reclinersSpeedy delivery – Often the very same day and without charge.


the best reclinersAll budgets catered for.


From 295 (reconditioned single motor chair)


To 2995 (new luxury leather massage chair)


the best reclinersTrading Standards Approved and British Healthcare Trades Registered.


the best reclinersWe remove your old chair for free.


the best recliners365 days a year back-up.


the best reclinersIf a chair is not in stock today we will lend you one pending your delivery.


the best reclinersYou can rent a riser recliner chair to see how you like it.


the best reclinersWe can sort out a power point for your electrical recliner if required.


the best reclinersWe can supply an extension cable free of charge too.


the best reclinersFree expert advice on your choice of chair – to ensure you get the right one for you and it is the correct size.


the best reclinersFree uplift and installation of old chair to any other local address – such as for another relative or friend.

No other supplier offers all this for you or your family at such a low overall price.

You can expect to pay upto £200.00 extra elsewhere, for what we make available for free.