Grey Fabric Riser Recliner

Click the picture for a closer look at this graphite grey fabric recliner

Indiana Charcoal

This grey fabric riser recliner chair comes with a fabulous 5 year warranty and is made in the UK.  Having soft cushioning on the seat, combined with a supportive backrest allows you to sit comfortably whether you are at upright or reclined.  Boasting an electrical handset that controls the tilt or recline of the chair, it is easy to operate at the touch of button.

Ideal for the mature householder who wants to recline back in comfort or needs a little assistance to stand up from a chair.  Click the picture for a closer look, or arrange to see one for real, either by visiting the showroom or by arranging a home demonstration.  Call us today to find out more.

Below you will see the same chair in it’s raised position that makes it easier for people to stand, and also below that you can see the recliner position, which enables you to rest comfortably, and even go to sleep on occasionally. To see other colours of this same model of chair go here.

Indiana Charcoal RaisedHere’s the recliner in it’s raised up position.  It also makes it easy for someone with knee, back or hip problems to sit down without crashing or falling back into a chair.  Much more comfortable and a lot more safer too.

Indiana Charcoal ReclinedCan you imagine an after-dinner snooze in this? Take the weight off your legs and feet and just ease yourself into relaxed and comfortable reclining.

Why not come and try one out in one of the showrooms so that you can feel just how comfortable they are? Call 01782 631111 to enquire about colours and the stock we have in.