Petite Riser Recliner Chairs

 Petite Riser Reclining Chairs

All our chairs are available in leather or fabric and these different sizes – Petite, Prince/Princess,Queen/King and Royale.

If you are looking for a smaller size of chair to feel more comfortable when sitting, or to help someone to stand more easily when they get up from the chair, then the natural choice is to think about a petite riser recliner chair.  These types of mobility chair can be available in manual forms or electric.

Electric is the easiest to control, as a manual chair only usually adjusts a footrest up to a reclining position. They are not generally available to lift the person out of the seat manually as it would be too strenuous for the person sitting, who may have arthritis or other conditions which make movements like that painful.

The obvious answer is then to buy an electric reclining chair – and then your choice is to buy a new one or a reconditioned model.

There are two kinds of electric recliner, that we have in our showrooms.  Single motor chairs and dual motor chairs.

Single Motor Chairs

These are cheaper chairs because they only have the one motor. The single motor chairs are mainly bought by people wanting help to stand up and who don’t mind the back of the chair going back at the same time as the footrest rises up. These cheaper single motor models can be bought from £295 for a reconditioned one.  Why not call in to one of the branches to see what we have available in your size.

Dual Motor Chairs

What happens with this model type is that when you are using the chair to recline and put your feet up,then the backrest goes back at the same time as the footrest comes up – so aiding a relaxed-back semi-sleeping position. The backs of these chairs move independently of the footrest as each one has a motor controlling it.  Look at all the different positions you can place the chairs on the gallery above

Small Recliner Chairs For Kids

Some of our customers have bought recliners for a child or teenager who may have a medical condition that affects their movement or alternatively just want a very comfortable electric chair for their room.  These small chairs can fit in with most other living room furniture because it can be ordered in a complimentary colour of fabric or leather; whatever the main suite is in.

For a link to the different colours of fabric or leather available click here or request a free brochure from our contact page here.

Best Small Recliners For A Smaller Room or Flat

We can specify the spacesaver option on all of our chairs.  This allows a chair to recline backwards but it does so in a smaller space than a standard chair.  You see the backrest won’t encroach on a wall with a spacesaver, yet will still put the footrest out in front so you can feel rested and comfy when sitting.

See the video channel below which shows a spacesaver riser recliner chair in action demonstrated by one of the friendly staff from Castle Comfort

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